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German Design –Thyristor Type Specification

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German design thyristor DC power supply systems have proven to be extraordinarily reliable and very economical back-up power supplies for many decades.
· Mechanically and electronically resistant, designed for harsh environmental conditions
· Automatic temperature-controlled charging characteristic
· Fully controlled thyristor three-phase bridge, 6 pulse (standard), 12 pulse (optional)
· Signaling and monitoring module
All available measurement channels can be provided with measurement and error thresholds. Freely definable limit values can be set to trigger the error or warning messages.
The display and control unit built into the front door of the rectifier housing is used to enter the limit values and to confirm and visualise the messages . Optionally, the system can be equipped with a 10” touch display, which sets completely
new standards in terms of ease of use and comprehensibility.
Supported monitoring types:

  • Network monitoring

  • Battery and DC voltage monitoring

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Over- and undervoltage monitoring

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